A collection of our favourite hand-me-down recipes made modern using the best seasonal ingredients

From their hands to ours and now yours


Beetroot Gnocchi + burnt butter & sage

The added beet gives extra texture to bind everything together so it’s a much easier dough to work with. Impressive to behold and the sweet earthiness of the beetroot paired with the sage & butter makes for a spectacular flavour experience.

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Beetroot & Goats Cheese Tartlets

Imagine sweet, earthy beetroot topped with a creamy layer of goats cheese, a touch of thyme and a sticky, honey glaze to finish. Yum right? The prettiness of these tartlets and vibrancy of the scarlet beetroot filling will steal the show and are so so easy to make. 

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Panko and parmesan crumb zucchini chips

These zucchini chips are amazingly crisp right out of the oven – so crisp that no one would ever believe these didn’t hit a single drop of oil! When ready to serve, you can dunk these in your favorite relish. Best of all, you can enjoy every bite of these completely guilt-free!

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Beetroot & Walnut Bread

Your don't need to be an experienced baker to master this bread. Just a little effort and you will be rewarded 10 times over with a delicious and oh so pretty loaf - best eaten warm with loads of salted butter.

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Lemon Pepper & Lobster pasta

You are in for a treat with this decadent but 'almost-too-simple-to confess' recipe. The sweet and sour of our Lemon Pepper Relish perfectly offsets the seafood and did we mention it was easy to make? Like really easy...

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Women's Work Croquettas

Croquettas are the definition of tapas perfection. There is no end to flavour combinations you can create but the edition of your favourite relish to the recipe and as a dip make these the best croquettas we have tried...and we have tried a lot!

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Women's Work Cucumber Chicken

Not just for hot dogs. But really, this relish is a match for any ingredient that loves a little zhoosh. As light as it is delicious, you’ll taste the fresh and bright flavour of the locally grown cucumber and turmeric  - the perfect compliment to this lightly seasoned chicken dish.

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Italian sausage spaghetti

A simple yet high impact meal. The perfect mid-weeker for its ease but just as impressive for hosting. The relish sticks to the pasta, making every bite oh so satisfying. A pork and fennel sausage is our go-to but you do you babe. A little green salad and voila!

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Hot Dog Gnocchi

Imagine crumbling the inside of your best and favorite sausage into a pan already sizzling with sautéed bacon and garlic. Your favourite people are lingering around the stove top, leaning into the aroma and admiring you for your innovation and the easy way you host.

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Easter Roast Lamb & Spicy Green Tomato relish

Our tried and true Easter Lamb recipe is simple, sure, but impactful, absolutely. With a nostalgic base of rosemary and garlic, it’s made modern with a side of our award winning Spicy Green Tomato Relish

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Caramelised Onion & Goats Cheese Tart

Dollops of goats cheese, roasted mushrooms and drops of gooey golden Caramelised Onion Relish, wrapped in Granny Ida’s famous pastry. Need we go on, or did we have you at caramelised onion?

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