Nectarines, the Women’s Work Way.

Our new Glenorie Spicy Nectarine Relish, tastes like home.

With a warmth like sunshine and all the sweetness of a freshly bitten nectarine, we’ve been bubbling to introduce you to our new Glenorie Spicy Nectarine Relish. We’ve kept the delicate perfume of our hero fruit and refrained from adding too many spices. The result is a magical balance of sweet and spicy. With a lather of our new relish you can soften a strong cheese, liven up a toasted bread slice or blow everyone out of the water with a lavishly glazed ham.

Our Glenorie Spicy Nectarine Relish has a special name, and a special story. We are grateful to live and harvest on beautiful Darug Country, in a suburb we today call Glenorie. Unfortunately the traditional name of Glenorie has been lost to our regrettable history, though we do know that in the early settler days it was referred as North Dural or Upper Dural. Dural being taken from the Darug word to mean ‘thirsty’ or ‘no water’.

Despite such a description, Glenorie is blessed with many natural springs that have helped to create the nutritious Glenorie Loam soil we’re famous for. It is in this soil that the first fruit orchards were planted in the 1860’s. Glenorie would come to be known as the fruit bowl of New South Wales with its blossoming trees and plentiful produce. In the 1990’s our family arrived to a Glenorie of few
houses and abundant orchards. Nectarines, peaches, persimmons and citrus orchards brought life and colour to the area. Baskets of ripened fruit would give Women the bounty they needed to create and perfect their jams and relishes.

Today there are fewer orchards and more houses and Darug Country is becoming modern. While we still have our elderly trees and their ripe offspring, we wanted to celebrate what we have of nature's gifts. Our Glenorie Spicy Nectarine Relish is a taste of our home. We hope you enjoy it.