many hands make women's work

Over generations women have shared stories, traditions, skills and recipes as lore, to be perfected over time by each passing of hands. For now, these recipes are in our hands and we call on these traditions and our own practiced skills to share them with you today.

From our learnings we begin to understand the earth, its seasons, and our own small piece of it. The quality and freshness you can taste is a by-product of the ingredients we use, from earth’s own fresh bounty we’ve picked and preserved. And as we put into practice these traditional skills today, we realise that there was never a secret ingredient. It was the love and care, the sharing and enjoying that has made these recipes stand the test of time.

We are makers of small-batch preserves, made naturally, locally and sustainably using recipes perfected over time by generations of creative, skillful women. From these women we learn not only from the traditions they passed down, but also the recognition they passed up for their work. We learn that in order to change the way we (men and women) think of women’s work, we need to stop giving away our work for free, or less than it is worth. We learn that we ourselves need to believe in the value of our work.