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Our gift wrap is dressed for the season.

Emma Benson has made magic happen, creating a bespoke, handmade fabric decoration for our jars and gift wraps. From here on out, all preserves will be dressed in their colourful best with a nod to the vintage fabric jam covers of the past.

But for the festive season only, we’re offering Emma’s design in a limited edition gift wrap. Add 'All wrapped up' to your cart for each item you would like wrapped to finish with a flourish.






Bro, I'm just a little addicted to the Spicy Green Tomato Relish. We've somehow incorporated it into every meal since Sunday and the jar is nearly gone 😳


Did not last two days! Literally ate the Spicy Tomato Relish breakfast, lunch and dinner. With my eggs for breakfast, on my salad for lunch and with my protein for dinner. The spice was perfect for me, just a warming after taste.


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