Beetroot Relish PETITE

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Grannies have been making beetroot relish since Adam was a boy and we totally get why, it preserves beautifully, grows in abundance and its so so pretty. That colour! And it’s all natural! Our beetroot relish has only a few ingredients, but it only needs a few things to set off the naturally sweet, earthiness of the beetroot. 


  • On crackers by itself or with cheese
  • On hamburgers
  • Sausages
  • Beside a roast pork, beef or lamb
  • As the prettiest of gifts


Ingredients: Beetroot (49%), vinegar, onion, apple, sugar, spice

Nutritional Info

Serves per pack: 10, Serve size: 10g

Energy 40.4kj 405kj
Protein 0.2g 1.5g
Fat, total 0.0g 0.1g
- saturated 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrate 2.0g 19.6g
- sugars 2g 19.6g
Sodium 4.0mg 38mg



Bro, I'm just a little addicted to the Spicy Green Tomato Relish. We've somehow incorporated it into every meal since Sunday and the jar is nearly gone 😳


Did not last two days! Literally ate the Spicy Tomato Relish breakfast, lunch and dinner. With my eggs for breakfast, on my salad for lunch and with my protein for dinner. The spice was perfect for me, just a warming after taste.